FIBO & Data Mapping

FIBO was created by the EDM Council to build a cohesive and homogenized metadata standard to financial reference Data. The best approach was to define data thru Ontology based concept associations that provide a more precise data dictionary. DataAxxis leveraged advanced cognition and text analytics to automate mapping of metadata to RDF-OWL OntoEntities. We build FIBO and Custom ontologies with complete concept associations allowing firms to view data across corporate silos and disparate data sets.

BCBS 239

BCBS 239 A  BASEL COMMITTEE ON BANKING SUPERVISION A  BCBS 239, is the Basel Committeea€™s guiding principles for enterprise risk data aggregation and risk reporting. A It is intended to set a global best practice benchmark for how banks manage and report risk. BCBS 239 has broad implications for banks that impact their target operating models, especially the convergence of finance, risk and treasury, to agree onA streamlined firm-wide policies across silos, processes and technology for risk management, controls, audits, risk data aggregation, accuracy, traceability and regulatory reporting.

Products & services

SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS DataAxxis is scaleable to 50,000+ spreadsheet metadata transformations per month. AUTO-MAP ONTOLOGIES Reference and Customer Data MANAGE DATA MAPPING QUALITY Financial Reference Data

Our approach to BCBS 239

Experience a€“ We know data aggregation. As individuals and a team, DataAxxis has engaged in many data oriented solutions since the 1980a€™s. Building data connectors and mapping data sets is commonplace as we know the business and have the skill sets to provide best results. A critical determinant of successful data integration and mapping projects is the skill level of the resources. At DataAxxis, we believe our team members have outstanding levels of expertise in a all relevant areaa€™s of integration, data normalization, underlying data, trading systems, your business, and a familiarity with operations risk and strategies to mediate them.


  • The EDM Council is a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association founded by the financial industry to elevate the practice of data management as a business and operational priority.A A The Council is a leading advocate for the development and implementation of data content standards and the publication of data management best practices

  • Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO)a„?

  • FIBOa„? is the open industry a€?common languagea€ standard for defining the terms, facts and relationships associated with financial contracts.A  FIBOa„? covers financial instruments (product reference data), market data pricing and financial processes.A 


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